This month I highlighted my SMC Pentax-DA 40mm F2.8 XS lens.

I didn’t get every a picture every day this month, but sometimes that’s how life goes. Hopefully you enjoy what I was able to take. Being stuck inside most days, due to the weather, leads to more pictures than usual of my son.

December 27

Chris's Hockey Game

My friend Chris in the South Stars Alumni game.

December 26

Micah kissing his baby brother

Micah kissing his baby brother while we wait at the doctor’s office this morning.

December 25

Micah on Christmas morning

Micah on Christmas morning, clearly still a bit drowsy.

December 24

Christmas Eve - Micah's first present

This is our first year to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas on our own. But we decided to carry on the tradition from family of opening one present on Christmas Eve.

December 23

Micah in his chair

My mom recently gave us a small reclining chair that I had when I was a child. It seemed that Micah was much too small for it, but just this week he started to climb up into and even sit for a few seconds at a time. (He never sits still, so this is a pretty big development as far as I’m concerned!)

December 22


I thought the light radiating from the candle looked neat. Pretty sure I kind of ruined it with the Dunkin’ Donuts box, though…

December 21


Christmas Selfie

December 20

Micah caught eating coffee

Micah caught eating coffee grounds.

December 16

Grandma and Micah

Today was the last day that Grammaw and Papaw were here visiting us for the weekend. Micah sure had fun with them!

December 17

Pinguin Bokeh

Micah’s new favorite toy. The dancing, singing penguin

December 15

Micah in the car

I rarely get to sit in the back of the car with Micah because I am almost always the driver. But because Papaw was driving, I got to sit back with Micah. Clearly he was happy about the arrangement…

December 14

Grandpa and Micah play

Papaw and Micah playing before bed. It’s been nice having Papaw and Grammaw helping with Micah this weekend! Micah is sure going to miss them when they leave.

December 13

Centerpiece of Candles

The centerpiece at dinner. LOTS of candles.

December 12

Christmas Dinner Centerpiece

Christmas Dinner Centerpiece

December 8

Lamp with snow

Snow Angel

December 7

Micah In the Bean Bag - BW

Micah loves sitting and playing in his bean bag chair.

December 6

Christmas Tree Bokeh

My Christmas Tree

December 5

Bundled up

Micah doesn’t seem so pleased about being bundled up for the cold weather.

December 3

Lincoln Square Christmas Tree

An ornament hangs from the Christmas Tree at the center of Lincoln Square.

December 1

Micah in the Dishwasher

Micah sits in the dishwasher at my Aunt’s house.