This month I am highlighting my SMC Pentax-M 28mm F3.5 lens.

Sorry for disappointing anyone who checks my website. I clearly have fallen behind in my pics a day. The weather this month has been especially cold, and my choice of the 28 mm lens was with hopes of getting outside more this month. That fact, along with my life being a bit more hectic than planned, hindered my ability to take a picture each day. Below you will see the days I was able to get, mostly just the first half of the month. I hope for February to be better. Thanks for checking in.

January 23

Foot on Table

Micah wasn’t interested in dinner tonight. He was testing me throughout the night. Here, he decided that throwing his foot up on the table would be a better idea than eat his dinner.

January 17


Shot this while sitting around waiting for my Thai order.

January 16

Hola DEA

This will only make sense for fans of the show Breaking Bad, but this was a Christmas gift from a friend for Christmas. My wife was on Hank’s side as things came down to the wire toward the end of the series.

January 15

Upside down with Mommy

Micah was in a playful mood this evening. He was quite giggly.

January 14

Micah's Second Haircut

It was way overdue for Micah to get another haircut. Here he is getting his second trim. He did quite well for the hairstylist. And now he’s looking quite handsome and put together again.

January 13

Lincoln Statue

Some people have commented on my previous picture that it is not really a good representation of Lincoln, so here is a better one. This statue overlooks the main strip of our neighborhood on Lincoln Ave.

January 12

Lincoln Square Mug/Finch's beer co.

I recently got a mug from my favorite local coffee shop – The Grind. It is Abraham Lincoln’s head in the shape of a square. It’s witty because I live in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. Also, the shadow is of a pint glass from a Chicago brewery – Finch’s Beer Co.

January 11

Micah and his Piano

Micah playing his (incredibly annoying) cat keyboard before going to bed.

January 10

Intense drinking machine

Micah is a drinking machine.

January 9

Naughty Micah 2

As a stay-at-home dad, I have realized that taking pictures when and where I want is really out of the question. Not all my pictures are going to be cover of magazine quality shots. But the key with taking a picture a day is to take a picture a day.
So this picture isn’t the best picture I’ve ever taken, but it is a good example of what my life is like. I heard strange noises coming from Micah’s room after his nap and when I found him in his room he had thrown everything out of his bed and somehow reached the baby wipes and was rapidly tearing them out of the container. I was able to catch this shot of him and his smugness after he had been caught.

January 8


Warning signs in the back alley behind my place.

January 7

Reflections of my window

Reflections out the same window as yesterday, just from a different angle, and in a different way. The crumbs are an addition from my son’s lunch. 🙁

January 6

Ice Windows

With temperatures at -43 degrees with the wind chill, there’s not a chance of getting outside today.

January 5

Bad Dog Tavern - Playoff Game

Braved the cold weather and snow to go to a favorite bar down the street to watch the Packers lose to the 49rs in the first round of the NFL playoffs.

January 4

Icicles square

Icicles hang from an apartment at Trinity International University.

January 3

Brick and Ice

Even though it is cold, snowy, and icy, there are still blue skies.

January 2

Snowy Divvy Bikes

As the lake effect snow blows in, I have my doubts as to these bicycles being used anytime soon.

January 1

Micah in the Snow

Today was my son’s first time to play in the snow. Here he is as he is still trying to decide what to think about this experience.