This month I am using the Pentax SMC 50mm F2.0 lens.

May 09


Gramma and Papaw are visiting these next few days and Micah was SO happy to see them.

May 08

In...and out

After his bath tonight Ezra was quite thirsty. He speed walked over to his cup and started ferociously drinking his water. But the next thing I knew a stream sprung up from under his bathrobe. I was glad that I had my camera out to capture the moment.

May 06


My workspace in the kitchen.

May o5

Bed Head Brothers

When Micah got up this morning he wanted me to take pictures of him, so I plopped the boys and their bed heads down in a chair and took a few pics. Here’s one I liked.

May 04

Window and Wine

I was spoiled by lots of natural light in the apartment we used to live in while in Chicago. It’s a bit harder to find natural light in our new place here in Omaha. But I saw some coming in this morning and thought I’d capture this shot in our cheap wine corner.

May 03


More and more of these guys keep popping up.

May 02


Sometimes bath time is fun and they willingly get out and are happy to get right to bed. And sometimes they never want to get out. I’ll let you guess what kind of night this was.

May 01


Ezra exploring the backyard (which desperately needs to be mowed…)