We are finally settling down pretty well here in Omaha. I have neglected to post the various pictures I’ve taken the past couple months, so I thought I’d take some time to go back post some of them. People often ask us if we miss Chicago, and honestly, how could we not? It’s an amazing city with some pretty incredible people. But we are happy and content with where we are. Sarah enjoys her job as a labor and delivery nurse, and the boys have definitely enjoyed having a house in which they can be as loud as they might want to be.

Here are some of the pictures I took in February:

At the Circus

We took a family trip to the Shriner’s circus. It was fun to see Ezra and Micah enjoying their first experience of a circus. And it had been many years since I had last been to one.


At the Circus

Micah and I enjoyed a big tub of popcorn and some juice while we watched the show.


Later in the month my good friend Eric stopped by our place on his trek out west to California. A friend of his took an epic road trip across the country, and we were glad to be one of their stops along the way. It had been a while since Micah had seen Eric, and I think he was glad to see him again.


Here we are all dancing along and playing around to some music.



The day was pretty mild for February, so we stopped at a few places around Omaha. Here we are at the pedestrian bridge that goes over the Missouri River from Omaha, NE into Council Bluffs, IA.


It’s a pretty neat looking bridge.


Ice flowed down the Missouri River and it looked pretty neat.


A failed attempt at a shot of Eric and me. But…for some reason it still works. Clearly, it was a bit windy up there.


Sarah asked me for this shot…it’s the Nebraska-Iowa state line.


I thought the sliver in the moon looked cool between the wires of the bridge.


Here’s a wider shot of the bridge.


We headed over to Iowa to where the Native Americans met up for a Council in the Bluffs of Iowa with Lewis and Clark (hence the name of the city…) It’s one of my favorite places in the area thus far.


The views from here are great!


Not quite the Chicago skyline, but still a beautiful sight.


Here’s Eric overlooking the area.


That evening we stopped at a really cool cocktail bar. This is my favorite drink. A rum drink corked with tobacco smoke inside to give it a great smoky flavor.