Sure. Having a nice camera and expensive lenses make it easier to take better photographs, but the most important thing is just to take pictures while maintaining a desire to keep learning and getting better. Find your own style. Find photographers on places like Flickr, Instagram, 500px, and Tumblr that you like. Play around with the settings on your camera. Have fun post-processing your images. Be willing to experiment and evolve. Don’t let others determine what you like.


My son looking out our living room window.

I use Pentax cameras. I use a K-5, a K-01, and an MX-1. I use Adobe Lightroom 5 to edit my photos, and I sometimes use VSCO Film presents in my post-processing.

I like mixing the look of the coloring and fading from older types of film with the sharpness and clarity of modern DSLR cameras. I am constantly evolving my style and growing more confident in the things that I like about my photography. I have also grown in my ability to see a style in my head and reproduce it with my camera and post-processing.

That’s the beauty of photography in the 21st century. With space being practically limitless (Flickr allows for 1TB of free space!), and memory cards with increasingly more space, you can take thousands of pictures a day if you wanted. I’ve taken thousands of pictures and with each click of the shutter I wholeheartedly believe I’m getting better at the craft, the art, and the science of photography.