October 31

Micah the Elephant

It was hard to choose a picture today amongst all the cute pictures to choose from. But I think I like this one the best. Micah was an Elephant for Halloween this year. He was SO cute. I think this picture captures his confusion about what we were doing to him. I love this little guy.

October 30

Blue Leaves Contrast

Wonderfully red leaves on this tree in Deerfield, IL.

October 29

Yellow leaves at Night

Autumn leaves during the day are beautiful. Autumn leaves in the evening seem sinister somehow. The shadows. The lighting from the street.

October 28

Lonely Mitten

I walked home the other day and saw this lonely mitten from some child’s poor cold hand sitting our our fence.

October 27

Japanese Tea Set

This is a Japanese tea set that was somewhat of a wedding gift from some missionaries when my wife and I got engaged in Japan in 2008. We have them in our china cabinet now. The design you see is all handmade.

October 26

The Moth

My wife and I were treated to this incredible night of storytelling. Six people told ten minute stories from their lives. It was a beautiful evening.

October 25

Piano Keys

I was able to bring back the keyboard from my parents house that I grew up playing on. It will be nice to finally be able to play the piano whenever I want again.

October 24

Urban Camouflage

A building attempting to hide amongst the Chicago skyline.

October 23

Pentax Lesson

My brother is up visiting me for most of the week, and I am helping him learn the ways of Pentax on my old K100D

October 22


Lots of homemade applesauce from family in Indiana. Yum!

October 21


Halloween decoration at Costello’s in Lincoln Square.

October 19

Making Homemade Yogurt

Nothing too extraordinary today. Making homemade yogurt with a friend.

October 18

Happy Manta

A happy manta at the Indianapolis Zoo.

October 17

Indiana Country Road

Out visiting the in-laws in Carthage, IN.

October 16

Laundry Room of Doom

It’s laundry day. The laundry room gives me the creeps. Pipes, and buckets, and hoses, and strange lighting, and cobwebs.

October 15

Are you a Cow?

I read this book about 3,000 times today. It only seemed fitting to use it for me picture today.

October 14


Tried to vacuum a bit, but anytime I run the vacuum my son grows very concerned. He always looks up at me with this look.

October 13

My mug

A couple of my Pentax film cameras and my mug. (Shameless plug?)

October 12

Baby Mya

My good friends had their first baby on Friday. My wife and I were able to visit her before she was even 24 hours old. She was such a cutie! Here is the family enjoying their new bundle of joy.

October 11


A wall full of neat textures and some graffiti in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago.

October 10

Autumn Porch

My neighbor’s porch seems to have fully embraced the autumn season.

October 9

Eric in the fog 2

My friend Eric standing while some fog surrounds him.

October 8

To Rapid Transit

The sign pointing the way to the entrance of the Western stop on the Brown Line in my neighborhood.

October 7


Part of a lamp in the plaza of our neighborhood.

October 6


Grapes along the back fence of our building.

October 5

Bokeh Leaf 3

During a light drizzle this morning I captured this shot of a leaf on the windshield of my car.

October 4

Be different

Caught a single flame standing out from the rest on my stove.

October 3

My Watch

My watch.

October 2

ATO Chapel

Colors at the ATO Chapel at Trinity International University.

October 1

European Garden Spider

Saw this horrible spider in the tomato plants in the garden outside of our building. Yikes! Apparently it is a European Garden Spider.