September 30

Brick and Sky

I have always loved the contrast of a red brick building with a nice blue sky on a sunny day. A simple way to end this month.

September 29

Glimpses of Fall

The leaves have begun to turn, and it is starting to really feel like autumn.

September 28

Chicago Fire

Went to the last soccer match of the year for the Chicago Fire tonight. It was a lot of fun even though it ended in a draw. Here is a fan blowing his vuvuzela angrily at the call on the field.

September 27


Lamp in the dining room.

September 26

Vine and Fence

A vine climbs its way up to the top of the spire of a fence.

September 25

A Balvenie Night

It was a Scotch kind of night…

September 24

Fall Flowers

Fall flowers along the street in my neighborhood.

September 23

Life is Hard

Sometimes life isn’t all smiles.

September 22

Gene's Sausage Shop

Gene’s Sausage Shop, the local meat market and grocery store in our neighborhood.

September 21

Man vs. Beast

Micah finally meets a dog his size.

September 20

Chicago Sunset

Had a beautiful sunset in Chicago tonight.
To see more pics from the evening, check out my set:

September 19

Rain Bokeh

An attempt to make a new iOS 7 wallpaper for my iPhone using the raindrops on the screen of my bedroom window.

September 18

Evening raindrops

Raindrops on a grapevine after a rainy evening.

September 17


Peppers at the local farmers market this morning.

September 16

Tuckered Out

Micah after a long day…

September 15

Birthday Boy

We celebrated my son’s first birthday today. He got messy.

September 14


My razor and brush with the early morning sunlight coming through my window.

September 13


A local cheesesteak restaurant in our neighborhood. Very good!

September 12


Stalled traffic due to the BMW PGA Tournament. At least there was a nice sunset.

September 11

Morning plant

Plants in the early sunlight this morning in Bannockburn, Illinois.

September 10


The clock in our living room.

September 09


The fence outside my apartment.

September 08


My friend let my son play with his iPad. Apparently he wanted to look something up on Google.

September 07

German Fest

My neighborhood in Chicago has a lot of German heritage. This weekend is German-American Fest. Today we had a parade through the streets with bands and floats. Here is a shot of some trumpet players going by.

September 06


One thing I like about living in the Chicago is being able to see the city’s history on the buildings. This building is located right under our “El” train tracks in my neighborhood. It is a now a cafe. Apparently it was a welding shop at one point in time.

September 05

Homeless Superman

In the plaza in my neighborhood I saw a figurine sitting up against a lamp pole. It seems that some child must have left him behind. 🙁
It turned out to be Superman. But he had a heavy coat on. And pants. It’s as if he truly were homeless. There are a number of homeless folks who hang around here from time to time, so maybe he was just trying to fit in..

September 04

Grape Leaves

Leaves of a grape vine that is stretching into the back alley outside my home. I quickly caught this picture on my way out the door at about 6:45 in the morning.

September 03


The steeple of the chapel building on the campus of Trinity International University. Caught this as the sun was beginning to set.

September 02

Green Tomato

There are tomato plants outside my building that are nearly six and half feet tall. They are loaded with green tomatoes right now.

September 01


After my son got his first haircut, he was clearly very tired. I caught him mid-yawn.