Here are some recent pictures of my sons. They’re getting bigger every day!

Thankfully these days, camera phones are good enough to capture the quick shots that happen throughout the day. Here Micah climbed up on the edge of the couch to look out the window.

We recently traveled down to Indianapolis, and when in Indy you must stop to get Yats! Here we are before we ordered.


I haven’t been taking as many pictures recently, and it’s been sad to realize how much I’ve been missing of the kids. It seems so routine – this is a site I see daily, but it won’t always be like this. So I wanted to make sure to take a picture.


Micah is getting older. Hard to believe in a month an a half he’ll be two!


Still has those handsome eyes.

Ezra in the jumper

Ezra LOVES his bouncer. He jumps in it all the time and has a blast.

Ezra in the jumper

He can stay in it so long that he grows tired.

Ezra in the jumper

He even sleeps in it sometimes. It’s one of his greatest skills.

Ezra toes

His chubby legs and feet sticking out of the bottom of the bouncer.

Ezra toes

He bounces back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…all day.

Micah face

Close up! (Yes. I know it’s not in focus.)

Ezra jumping

Happy Ezra.

Micah sitting

Micah has really started to be better at playing independently of me. He’ll sit and “read” to himself. He’ll throw balls around the apartment, he’ll play with his cars. It’s been fun to see him grow more independent.

Micah drinking

One of Micah’s favorite snacks are peppers. Here’s one of your typical shots from a normal day. Standing around drinking from his cup and eating red peppers off his table.