If you’ve followed my blog here you know that I’ve been trying to document more of my daily life. I’ve been taking more pictures using my iPhone recently. I have been posting these pictures as I take them on my Tumblr blog, if that is something you use. But I plan to occasionally post them here too in groupings as I have time.

Late night chat at Kafein

This past week I went to see a movie with a friend of mine. We saw “Dear White People.” (It was a good one, check it out.) Afterwards we headed over to a place Kafein and stayed there until it closed at 2:00am. I ordered decaf, of course. How ironically hipster of me…

Lazy Sunday afternoon. Ezra is really trying to crawl.

Morning brother play time

Micah and Ezra love playing with each other.

With it being grey outside, and a bit colder these last few days we haven't really been outside much. Micah clearly feels a bit cooped up.

Micah seemed like he was really wanting to go outside the other day. He climbed up on the windowsill so he could get a good look outside.

All smiles

Micah may be a troublemaker, but he knows how to be cute.

At Bad Dog.

On Monday I headed over to a Giants bar in my neighborhood to watch Monday Night Football. I ended up being the only person there for most of the night. The bartender and I ended up talking fantasy football.

Ezra chewing on his banana

Ezra likes chewing on his teething banana. He has three teeth coming in at the moment.

Micah beyond the gate

Micah hates being on the other side of the gate. Be begs and pleads to be allowed over so he can rome the dining room and kitchen.

Morning drive

With daylight savings time rolling back the clocks, it caused my drive to work to experience sunrises again, for a few more weeks.

Morning sun.

Morning light pouring over all the plants at work.

The Trinity Pond

The pond at Trinity representing the day very well.

Wine reflections and diffractions.

A shot of the wine bottle label through my wine glass.

New Mugs

Our church recently went through a rebranding process. We give our visitors a mug when they come to our church. (We mug our visitors.) So we have new mugs with our new logo on it. He’s a shot of them that I took for the church website that I didn’t end up using.