This Thanksgiving we traveled out to see my mom’s side of the family in Iowa. The house we spent most of the time in has three cats and two dogs. Micah loves animals. He spent a lot of his time chasing them around. Unfortunately he does not know how to pet them. Mostly he just grabs their ears. They put up with a lot.

Thanksgiving in Iowa

Micah plays with Sparrow.

Thanksgiving in Iowa

Micah chasing Captain Jack, while mommy makes sure he’s not too rough.

Micah and Mommy

Micah shows his excitement to mommy about the dogs.


My Uncle Norman chills with one of the cats.

Thanksgiving in Iowa

The cats snuggle like this throughout much of the day.

Thanksgiving in Iowa

Two of the three cats, taking an afternoon nap.

Thanksgiving in Iowa

My grandmother and one of the cats.

Mary Ann

My Aunt Mary Ann and one of the cats in an argument of some kind.


My brother watching a good play in the Cowboys game.

Thanksgiving in Iowa

One of the cats sits in the chair and stares out the window.

Greene and his coffee

Greene the cat loves very hot coffee. She’s 17 years old and is known to drink coffee and eat cigarettes.

Micah's ride

Micah takes a ride in a box through the house.

Micah's ride 2

Micah is given a steering wheel to help with the ride. But he doesn’t seem very interested.

Micah in the dishwasher BW

Micah climbed up into the dishwasher and immediately took off a sock.

Flying to Gina

Micah is playfully being thrown to Gina.