Micah waiting at Jerry's

On my birthday we stopped at our favorite 24 hour diner to get my favorite fried chicken. Here’s Micah waiting patiently in a booth.

The Boys

Ezra and Micah love each other so much. Every day they like to sit in the chair together, laugh with each other, hold hands, and hug each other. I love seeing them play together.

The boys on the couch

Not all pictures of the boys are super photogenic. Ezra seems stunned, and Micah (with leftover breakfast on his face) seems zoned out watching Barney.

Ezra in the mirror

Ezra likes making faces in his mirror.

Ezra on the Couch

Ezra making faces at himself in his mirror.

Ezra on the Couch

Ezra on the couch.

Ezra on the Couch

Ezra plotting and scheming on the couch.

Back home again, in Chicago. Micah seems glad to be out of the car. {#vscocam #vsco #homesweethome #happy #tent #toddler #son #vscofam #smile #cute}

After a long drive back home from Indiana, Micah was ready move around and play.

Papaw and Ezra

Ezra hanging out in Papaw’s lap.

Papaw and Ezra

Ezra and Papaw.

Micah's turns 2

Micah recently turned 2 years old. We celebrated with a big cookie cake at Grammaw’s.

Micah's turns 2

Micah enjoying his cookie cake.

Micah's turns 2

Papaw and Micah opening one of his presents.

Sarah and Ezra

While in Indiana we stopped at Aunt Lauren’s apartment. Ezra wasn’t feeling too well, so he hung out with mommy.

Ezra Looking at Mommy

Ezra looking at mommy.

Micah, Lauren, and Clint

Micah wrestling with Aunt Lauren and Clint.

Another picture of the boys. Sorry. I can't help it. {#vscocam #vsco #vscofam #vscokids #kids #brotherlylove #brothers #love #myboys}

Another shot of the boys. They clearly love each other.