Today I went on a brief walk in my neighborhood. I threw on some headphones, started an audiobook, and took my camera with me to capture some shots of autumn in my neighborhood. I ended up taking a stroll alongside the Brown line. The first three shots are from my iPhone 5s. The rest are from my Pentax K-01.

Fence on fire? Nope - it's just fall. {#vscocam #iphone5s #chicago #lincolnsquareliving #autumncolors #fallcolors}

As I walked down the street I saw a bright burst of orange popping out over a fence. I thought it almost made it look like the fence was on fire.

Wonder when the last time this guy was driven. It's currently parked under the brown line.{#vscocam #ford #truck #lincolnsquare #igerschicago}

This truck is parked under the brown line. It doesn’t look like it’s been driven anytime recently. I loved the color and look of it in the grass.

This just feels like autumn in Chicago to me. This is in a back alley near the Damen Brown line stop. {#vscocam #basketball #lincolnsquare #igerschicago #chihood #autumn #fall}

This, to me, really captures how my Chicago neighborhood feels during this wet autumn weather.

Reflecting the things above. {#vscocam #cta #brownline #reflection #theL #chicago #lincolnsquare #igerschicago}

With the water pooling up in the alleyways I thought I’d capture a picture of a puddle reflection of the CTA brown line train going past.

Neighbor's Yard

My neighbors decorate for nearly every major holiday. They have a number of things throughout their yard. This is a sample of the least creepy stuff.

Leaves and Curb

The leaves are starting to pile up in the yards and on the sidewalks.


Loved the look of this garage with finger graffiti written into the dust and grime.


I love all the greenery that grows up over all the various buildings and garages in my neighborhood.

Old Truck

Here’s another shot of that truck. This time with my camera as opposed to my iPhone. Notice the reflections in the windshield and the water in front of the truck.

Cars in Autumn

Trees are dumping all their leaves on the parked cars along the side streets of Chicago.

Alleyway Hoop

Here’s another shot of that garage that I liked, this time with my camera.

Autumn Rose

An autumn rose. I’ve seen many flowers and plants throughout people’s yards. This is the only rose I’ve seen.

Bright Colors

In all the autumn rains and winds the bright leaves try hanging on for their lives, but they are quickly falling from all the trees.

Water Droplet on Leaf

The colorful red leaves popped out among the green. The water drops are also a nice touch, reflecting both the reds and greens.

After the rain

Here’s another shot of this plant. The lens I’m using (a 50mm F1.7) really allows for a sharp focus on the water drop with a nice smooth bokeh effect in the background.

Droplets on Grass

Capturing some water droplets on some blades of grass.

Fall colors

This shot has a nice warm feeling, despite the dreary grey day.

Leaf losing its Green

While some trees have bright reds, yellows, and oranges – some leaves try to hold off as long as possible. Here’s a leaf in which the orange is just now bursting through.

Trash Day

Trash day? I let this shot lack depth and detail and added a bit of a grainy effect to make something as typical as trash cans an artsy flair.

Leaf and Bokeh

A leaf with yellow starting to poke its way through.

Autumn Sidewalk

Now this is autumn.

Leaves on Car

Here are some leaves on the hood of a car. Thought it looked neat with the faint reflection of trees.

Hanging on

A wet leaf sticks to the window of a parked car on my street.