This past weekend Sarah, the boys, and I all traveled out to the Omaha, Nebraska area. We went primarily to go to my cousin’s wedding, but also to see family. My mother just recently moved out there with my brother, so it was also an opportunity to spend some time with them and see their new place. Here are some various pictures from our time there this weekend.


Mum's the word.

Here are some wonderfully bright mums outside my grandmother’s new assisted living facility.

Mama and Micah

My grandma (my mom’s mom) was able to see the boys. This was the first time she had met Ezra and the last time she had seen Micah was last year at Thanksgiving.

Boys on the floor

Micah investigates my Aunt’s cell phone as Ezra watches.

Backyard tree

The trees seemed to be right at their peak while we were visiting.

Tortoise and the Hare

Micah and Ezra got to preview their halloween costumes at my grandma’s facility. There was a trick-or-treating event at my Grandma’s facility. So the boys got to preview their new halloween costumes. They are the tortoise and the hare.

Mommy and the costume boys

It was towards the end of the evening and the boys were a bit tired, so getting a good picture was hard to do. Rabbits move quickly!

Daddy and the costume boys

Here’s one with the boys and me.

Halloween family shot

And all four of us!

Mama and Ezra

Ezra the Tortoise liked great-grandma’s necklace.

Mama and Ezra

Ezra liked sitting on Great-Grandma’s lap.

Micah at the porch

While at my mom’s new house Micah really enjoyed going in and out onto the deck, opening and closing the screen door.

Neighbor pond

My mom’s neighbors have a nice little pond with some pumpkins and big fish.

Fall colors

One of my mom’s trees was rapidly dropping it’s orange leaves throughout the time we were there.

Ezra playing

Ezra is able to keep himself entertained pretty well.

Matthew feeding Ezra

Uncle Matt feeding Ezra some lunch.

Ezra after eating

Don’t mess with a man while he’s eating.

Ezra after eating

Nevermind…all better.

Sunset colors

Bright orange sunsets make for dramatic pictures.

Sunset colors

A beautiful midwestern sunset.

Colors through the branches

Sunset with trees that have already given up their leaves for the year.


This is the fountain in Bayliss Park in Council Bluffs, Iowa where my mom and my grandmothers live.

Micah and the Squirrel

The lighting was bad, but here’s Micah riding a squirrel at Bayliss Park.

Micah and the Squirrel

AND kissing one. (He’s so affectionate.)

Mommy and Micah at the Fountain

Mommy and Micah standing at the fountain.

Micah climbing the Fountain

As Micah climbed up on the fountain the air all around seemed to glow orange from the beautiful sunset.

Fountain in Council Bluffs

Here’s a shot f the fountain before the sun had gone below the horizon.

Fountain in Council Bluffs

Here’s a shot of the fountain after the sun went down

Fountain in Council Bluffs

Quite a bit blurry, but this is a handheld shot with the shutter open longer than a second.

Hanging out at my mom's new house in Iowa. The weather was perfect today. Here's a rare shot of me and Micah.

Here’s a rare shot of Micah and me in front of a beautiful tree in my mom’s backyard.

I have the privilege of calling these lovely people my family. #ofkorth

My cousin Becky and her immediate family. Such a lovely group!

Korth Wedding

Becky and Luke exchanging their vows.

Korth Wedding

The newly married couple being pronounced as man and wife.

Korth Wedding

Korth Wedding

My favorite moment in a wedding is just after they have been pronounced husband and wife. The bride and groom always glance at each other and flash each other the most authentic and best smile of the night.

Korth Wedding

Some of the lights at the wedding.

Korth Wedding

These are some of the epic wedding decorations. These paper bells were each individually made and strung up by various members of my family in preparation for the wedding. Amazing idea – and a lot of work!

#latergram from last night at #slowdown.

This is outside at Slowdown – the venue where they were married.

Grandma and Micah and the pumpkin

Grandma and Micah make a Mr. Pumpkin Head jack-o-lantern together.

Grandma and Micah and the pumpkin

Micah and grandma putting on the various facial features of Mr. Pumpkin Head.

Ezra and his drum

Ezra and his drum.

Post-Wedding get together

A post-wedding family get together.

NFL football in the morning!

NFL football in the morning!

Morning brother snuggles.

Micah and Ezra sharing some snuggles in grandma’s chair.


Some birds on a grey day in Nebraska.

Micah and Grandma

We stopped for a bit at my grandparents’ lake house. Here’s grandma and Micah walking down the hill to the water.

Micah and Grandma

Another shot of grandma and Micah.

Beaver Lake water tower

The Beaver Lake water tower.

Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake.

The Beaver Lake House

The house.

Sarah at Beaver Lake

Sarah looking out the window towards the lake. She spotted a bald eagle!

Ezra on the Floor 3

Ezra chillin’

Ezra on the Floor

Ezra sitting around like a boss.

Hanging out at Beaver Lake

Ezra snuggles with Grandma while Micah gets consoled by mommy.

Beaver Lake

A look out towards the lake.

Micah and Great Grandma

Micah’s sitting with his other great-grandmother.

Ezra and Great-Grandma

Ezra and great-grandma Seaman met for the first time on this trip. They are over 94 years apart in age!

Ezra and Great-Grandma

Ezra hanging out with great-grandma

Mommy and Ezra Book Time

Mommy and Ezra reading together.

Mommy and Ezra Book Time

Mommy and Ezra reading.

Mama and Ezra

Ezra and great-grandma Knott.

Grandma and Ezra

Ezra and grandma.

Grandma and Ezra

Ezra, grandma, and Micah sneaking away…