Although we don’t have a place of our own yet, we’ve now been in the Iowa/Nebraska area for almost a month now. I recently got my cameras out again and have been taking a few shots. Some of these shots are from around my mom’s place, and some are from the Union Pacific Museum here in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Ezra getting into Drawers

Ezra is getting bigger. More curious. More trouble.

Standard Time Clock

The Union Pacific Museum had a lot of old neat looking clocks from various train stations.

Abraham Lincoln

They had a model train car that Lincoln would have ridden in. Apparently he was a huge supporter of the building of the railways, even before he had even seen a train himself.


Here’s Sarah pushing a button on an old phone switchboard.


Old lamps on display.

Model Train

There was an old man showing off his model trains.

Sarah and the Boys at Union Pacific Museum

Sarah and the boys exploring.

Micah the Engineer

Micah the engineer driving the train.

Union Pacific Model Train

An example model train.


More clocks.


And…more clocks.


My mom’s place has all kinds of birds that come by to eat the seed and suet that she leaves out for them.


A woodpecker hanging out on the bird feeder.


This tree is often filled with male cardinals.

Fat Bird Eating

Spotted this fat guy pigging out on some fallen seeds.

Fat Bird Eating

Another angle of the guy.

Evening Iowa Sky

Midwest sunsets are the best