As we await to move into a house in Omaha, Sarah, the boys, and I are staying with my mom and brother. We will be out by the end of the month if things go as planned, but in the meantime we wait. Most of days are spent keeping track of Micah and Ezra, trying to keep them out of trouble. That’s quite the hard task these days. Ezra has seemed to perfect his peg-leg crawl, and Micah can zip away in a blink of an eye.

Micah at the Mall

Micah has too much energy to be kept at home all the time, so we have to take occasional trips to the play place at the mall.

Stare Down Reflection

My brother’s cat – with a reflection of me in its eye.

Micah Bath Time

Bath time is something that I always forget to get pictures of. Precious moments.

Ezra and Micah Bath time

Here’s Ezra and Micah taking a bath together for the first time.

Ezra in the Bath

Cubby Ezra enjoying a bath.

Nebraska Coaster

Sarah and I loved living in Chicago. We were generally proud of our amazing city and especially our neighborhood. But now that we’re moving to Omaha, it’s time to start being proud of this city, too. Here’s a coaster I bought Sarah for our new place.

Sarah at Duncan's

Sarah and I don’t get out much, but we were able to sneak away a few days ago for breakfast. I don’t even know the last time that just Sarah and I went out for breakfast.

Ezra at the Mall

We also went shopping the other day for some new clothes and shoes for Sarah. Ezra tagged along.

Ezra shopping

I was in agreement with Ezra, though — too much time at the mall can really wear you out.

Micah Carnage

Grandma being reminded what it’s like to have little boys roam the house… 🙁

Micah making Tilapia

Micah made us tilapia the other night. What a good little master chief!

Morning Routine

Morning routines. Ezra’s sad because I’m not feeding him.

Playing together

As Ezra gets bigger and bigger it’s been fun to see the two boys play together more and more.

Watching TV

Micah in his pajamas and hat watching some cartoons with his brother. Zombie time, apparently.

Playing together

Wherever Micah is, Ezra is there, too. They are starting to become joined at the hip.

Morning Joe

It’s been frigid here these last few days in Iowa, and that calls for some nice hot coffee.

In the bucket

Micah always finds ways to entertain himself, and therefore me.

Playing together

My heart melts a bit every time these guys learn new ways of playing with each other.

Trouble Maker

Ezra seems to be learning a lot from his brother…

Sneaky Micah

Micah’s nap time music keeps mysteriously turning off. I have found the culprit.

Micah Escape

Micah tried to escape a number of times from the house – but I just don’t think he understands how cold it really is outside.